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US Expedition soon to start

Blog written by Ann-Kathrin Geiger, 19, Germany

The time is running so fast. It seems like yesterday that we got back from the camp, filled with new experiences and thoughts. Already missing the amazing time we had together.

Now, only two weeks before the expedition, caught somewhere between exams, preparations, school and duties, I sometimes have to clear my mind of all those thoughts, to realize again: “Wow,(breathe) I'm joining the next Expedition!”. This unbelievable truth is able to push my excitement rapidly to super excitement.

Waking up everyday starting with the thought “Here we go” the day is less exhausting, less normal.

Since I received details about my gear yesterday, I can't wait to begin the Expedition. With every mail a part of our journey seems more real, right now it still has more of a dream, looming on the horizon, than a reality I am living in. But I know as soon as I have my gear by Wednesday everything will be more real than before.

Tomorrow I will have my third and last interview with a regional Newspaper. And as always this is going to be the image of me talking, a huge grin on the face, the voice filled overflowing with excitement. Every time I remember the camp it fills me with a new wave of joy. And I know that the time in Chateau-D'Oex was just the beginning of the real adventure, awaiting in the pure nature of the Everglades National Park and the Gulf of Mexico.

I am still amazed by the fact that I'm actually going to be part of this amazing trip and that I get the chance to experience such an intense enrichment for my life.


written by Dan Cullum, 19, New Zealand

In a large crowd of people, whether that be at a sports event or New Year’s Eve, the ‘countdown’ only ever really begins at ‘10’, and thus with my fellow Young Explorers around the world, our 10 day countdown begins today! To be completely honest, everything this still such a whirlwind experience and I’m just soaking it all in, from hearing that we’ll be going on an eight day kayaking journey, to receiving all the Quechua Expedition Gear, to following on Google Maps the distance we’ll be covering from Fort Lauderdale to New Orleans, it is overwhelming in the best possible way.

Last night, I was invited to speak at the Lions Club of my community. They have been so supportive of me over the past 2 years and it was an absolute privilege to be able to return there to share with them about Mike Horn’s Dream, the Young Explorers Program, and what we will be doing in the Everglades and Gulf of Mexico. Telling to an audience about the adventure to come made it all the more real that it is happening so soon!

At the moment I’m also in the middle of Final Exams at University. It is no easy feat trying to study mathematics with the knowledge that I’ll be on Pangaea soon with Mike and the Young Explorers, but I am very thankful that my exams are finishing before the Expedition so I can give my all to it when I’m there.

So right now it is back to the books for me, with my mind almost all the time floating off to the Expedition to come. What an opportunity, what a journey to experience, I love being a Young Explorer!


written by Jul Holland, 17, Germany

Today we can start the countdown: In 10 days we will all head off to Lauderdale in Florida where we will meet Mike Horn and the famous Pangaea!

It is the first time for me to see this legendary boat and I am incredibly happy about getting the chance to take part in the USA expedition! I took some time until I actually realized what “being selected” means: An awesome, unique possibility which I am so thankful to get.

Since the end of the Selection Camp time flew by organizing everything at home and at school, doing physical exercising, buying some last items for the expedition gear and so on. I think I had to explain over 100 times what I am doing in the next three weeks and why. I know this explanation by heart now J.

Today I started spreading all my gear on the floor in my bedroom to see what I already have and what I still need to organize which made me feel even more excited!

Thank you for this amazing chance, I am looking forward to the Expedition so much!

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