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Update from Hong Kong

The typhoon has hit Hong Kong – not a lot of wind but it is pouring with rain. The boat is almost ready to leave but the rain has slowed us down as we can no longer work outside.

Jacek put in a new bamboo pilothouse floor. Tristan is painting the garage floor and all the table tops have been sanded and varnished. The engine room has been spring cleaned, all the water filters have been changed and we even had to dive to clean the propellers and rudders of the boat.

Optiled has been on the boat and we looked at a new generation of light bulbs for the boat. We received our new amazing Mercedes-Benz fenders.

All the crews visas for China and my new passport have been attended to – my favorite pastime waiting in embassy's!!!

We did some sea trails today and the boat is ready to sail. We are at anchor just outside Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter we are hoping to set sail on Wednesday morning  – hoping that the typhoon will give us a break. It is close to 900nm to Shanghai and we hope to get there in 3.5 days time.

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