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Mumm Explorer Experience Mongolia

Tuesday, 14th of September 2010
G.H. MUMM celebrates the beauty of the world
in true nomadic style with explorer Mike Horn and three star Michelin Chef, Alain Passard

Mongolia, Gobi Desert, Khongoryn Els (the Singing Sand Dunes), September 2010

The prestigious House of champagne G.H. MUMM celebrated for the fourth time, the beauty of the world with great explorer Mike Horn as part of the Mumm Explorer Experience. From the 8th to the 11th of September, the brand invited a privileged few including the two lucky winners of its international online photography competition, for an exceptional two-day and one-night nomadic experience in the world’s largest desert, the Gobi.

The fourth Mumm Explorer Experience is part of a series of exceptional dinners that have been organised by both G.H.MUMM and adventurer Mike Horn* since 2008. They take place in the most exclusive places on the planet. Following the previous successful expeditions, one on an iceberg drifting in the middle of Sermilik Fjord in Greenland, one at Charcot Bay in Antarctica and another on a pristine sandbank on the Great Barrier Reef in the Pacific Ocean, the latest expedition took place in the Gobi Desert in the Asian continent of Mongolia.

After a thrilling helicopter ride overlooking the untouched infinity of the Gobi Desert, G.H. MUMM guests met up with explorer Mike Horn in the largest and most spectacular ‘Singing Dunes’. Commenting on the desert, Mike Horn said: “The Mumm Explorer Experience in the Gobi desert is unique and can never be repeated at the same location, because of the strong North West wind, the spot where we will have the wonderful lunch will no longer be there tomorrow”.

After a night under the stars, guests left the camp at sunrise accompanied by Horn on an authentic desert trek on Mongolian camels with their local wranglers. The camel train trekked under the shadow of the mountains of sand, across the grass land and into the saffron coloured dunes. Leaving their camel behind, the new ‘explorers’ entered the dunes on foot and as they reached the highest dune, were welcomed by the site of a unique yourte kitchen in the colours of G.H. MUMM in the valley below. After several hours of trekking, guests were finally greeted by legendary three-star Michelin French Chef Alain Passard**, who composed an endless procession of audacious and unique G.H. MUMM champagne paired dishes inspired by only local Mongolia ingredients.

Commenting on his menu, Alain Passard said: “As a tribute to all the explorers and to the stylish audacity of Georges Hermann Mumm, I have put aside my daily culinary references and let myself be guided by the madness of this concept and composed a live and spontaneous menu, inspired by the wildness and aridness of the Gobi Desert”.

It is only appropriate for G.H. MUMM to partner with Mike Horn and organise such an adventure. The House of champagne has been at the heart of great human adventures for almost two centuries, from the commandant Charcot’s first steps in the Antarctic in 1904, to today’s world-renowned adventurers such as Ellen MacArthur, Alain Hubert or Steve Fosset. All these heroes of recent times celebrated coincidentally their audacity and success with a bottle of MUMM Cordon Rouge.

Today, G.H. MUMM pursues the Charcot tradition, offering a new vision of luxury, described by Horn as “The freedom of making your dreams come true”.

Traveling to the desert for the very first time, the two lucky winners of the summer online competition very much enjoyed their once in the lifetime journey. Australian winner Ujin Lee described: “The Mumm Champagne Experience was an unforgettable once in a lifetime journey that will stay with me for the rest of my life. The stunning Gobi Desert location, the beautifully considered courses by Alan Passard matched brilliantly to the Mumm Champagnes and lastly – Mike Horn's inspirational stories of his exploration exploits…
For further information and download the images of the Mumm Explorer Experience, please go to: (access code: audacity)

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