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Update from Hong Kong

After an amazing time in Shanghai we sailed back in Hong Kong. We had very rough weather in the Taiwan Strait and the typhoon caused some damage to our boat that we now have fixed. The massive waves ripped our tender out of its mountings and threw it into the railing.

Pangaea is an amazing vessel! Whatever the conditions, she has never let us down. She is as tough as mother Russia!!

I developed a great concern about the over fishing of the Taiwan Strait. From Shanghai to Hong Kong, all we could see were miles and miles of fishing nets anchored in the shallow water with thousands of fishing boats every were. There was no bird life to be seen in 900nm. I do not know how the world can sustain the population growth. We are eating away at it’s resources at an alarming rate.

On the contrary, what I really liked was all the wind farms that China has built along their coastlines. The government has invested millions in renewable energy and that is a sign of hope for the future.

We sailed into Hong Kong at night in beautiful weather and the display of lights was amazing. It is always great to return to a place where you have been once before and to meet up with old friends. My mate Mal came onboard and cooked for us and made us feel very welcome. He cooked us an amazing meal of fillet steak, pork ribs, king prawns and with very little greens ( just the way we like it!). It makes a change from Tristan and Jaceks diet of popcorn!

We are at anchor at Hebe haven and it is a very calm typhoon shelter. The weather has been great and we are getting the boat ready to sail to Borneo.

As for me, I’m busy with my preparation to go to Kamchatka and can not wait to go up into the cold again.

All for now,


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