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Mike speaks at TEDx Hong Kong

Finally Mike's speech is online! To view it just click on the link below. Make sure that you move the hour counter to 03:00:00.

To view Mike's speech click here …


On the 30th of October 2010 Mike Horn impressed a captivated audience as he spoke about his past exploits in the world of adventure – a difficult thing for him to do in only 18mins!!

With the support of some impressive photos Mike Horn spoke about the progression from his first expedition in the Amazon, to Latitude Zero, Arktos, North Pole, the Himalayas, until now, the Pangaea Expedition.

Mike Horn finishes his quick speech, wihich is viewed livestream all around the world, with reference to the website and an appeal, asking young adults to apply and get involved in PANGAEA –  a PAN Global Adventure for Environmental Action.

Amongst many interesting encounters, Mike Horn met with Rob Stewart, producer and director of the famous movie Shark Water.

To view photos of Mike Horn at TEDx please click here….

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