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The kika trip begins!

Kika film crew, journalists and 5 young explorers (aged 10 – 11years)  join Mike Horn aboard Pangaea for a 3 day nature experience around the Southern tip of Vancouver Island. Join the fun onboard Pangaea as they send us their blogs and photos.

Blog written by Jade (11 yrs)

We first got on the boat and we met everyone. Then we talked about all the safeties and we walked around to see the boat. The cabin that my friend Olha and I are staying in is really nice and we have our own washroom and everything. Then we all had dinner that was cooked for us. It was really good. After dinner we just walked around the boat. Olha, Noah and I just sat around listening to music later at 11:00 while they were also working on homework. Then Olha and I went in to our cabin and we got ready and then we went to bed. Olha slept on the top bunk and I slept on the bottom. At first I was really tired but Olha kept on waking me up, and then I wasn’t that tired and she fell asleep, so I walked around the boat and then 40 minutes later I went back to bed and finally went to sleep. I woke up a few times in the night and at 5:30 am I got up for a while because I heard everyone walking on the boat. At 7:00 Olha and I woke up and we got ready. We walked out of the cabin and everyone was already upstairs in the main area, the main area is kind of like a living room. And now we are typing on the computers and I’m going to have breakfast.

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