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The camp starts Monday!

Blog written by Sarah HANUS

Only two days left!

Now there are only two more days left until I will leave Germany to take part at the Amazon Selection Camp in Switzerland! The tingling sensation in my stomach is growing more and more every hour! Today I found myself with a big smile on the face several times when I was thinking that in less than 48 hours I will meet all the other amazing young explorers!

Luckily, I already had the chance to talk to four of them, while developing a project which can be realised during the expedition to the Amazon. We had a lot of fun while skyping and I'm so glad seeing them face to face on Monday.

The idea we have focused on in our project is to improve the daily life of the people in the Amazon. We want to give people access to clean drinking water by handing out waterfilters to them. Did you know that 80% of all diseases come from contaminated water? That's why clean drinking water is so important!

Furthermore, I'm still doing researches about the Amazon and all kinds of environmental problems around the world. I also read “Latitude 0” by Mike Horn. This book is so amazing that it gave me a lot of energy for the preparation of the camp. Thanks Mike! 🙂

I carried on going jogging until Thursday, because afterwards my clothes had to be washed for the camp. Now all my clothes is washed and I laid out everything in my room. It looks a bit chaotic 😀

On my final shopping trio today, I bought the last things needed for Switzerland: one more pair of thermal underwear, German sweets, etc…

So I guess it's time for packing now! By the way, on Tursday it began to snow here! It's like nature already wanted to train me for the cold and snowy weather in Switzerland!

Today I woke up with the thought “only two days left” and can you guess what probably will be my first thought tomorrow? “Only one day left!”.

Then finally on Monday I will wake up thinking “Switzerland, here I come!” and this morning I will probably be one of the 18 happiest youths on Earth! Because who can be happier than the ones heading towards an unforgettable, challenging adventure?

Greetings from Germany,
Sarah 🙂

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