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Russian Generosity

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While cruising between Volgograd and Astrakhan, our last destination before crossing the Kazak border, my mind keeps reflecting back to our short yet rich experience crossing the Russian territories. There is something unique about this nation that makes it all the most intriguing. From the window of the G500, I had quite some time to observe the streets, the facilities, and the living conditions of the people of the Motherland. What I saw equaled my expectations; the streets are dirty, the infrastructure is underdeveloped, and government officials are unwelcoming. But on the rare breaks of our journey, we interacted with the locals and were greeted with overwhelming generosity and hospitality. It is then that I noticed the existence of a huge gap between the open mindedness of the people who welcomed us in their houses, shared their food, and told their stories and their country which seems stuck by the restrictions of their USSR days. Along the way, a doctor kindly escorted us in and out and around the beautiful city of Moscow as a result of the unavailability of Russian maps in our navigation system. We then continued Southward out of the city, stomachs filled with delicious food, after a couple invited us in their humble home and proudly made us explore locally grown products. Spasibo Russia! #DrivenToExplore

By: Jessica Horn


DIM_0253DIM_0396DIM_0851Expedition to K2. Driving from Switzerland to Pakistan

After three days of unrelenting driving, Mike and his team finally arrive in the capital of Russia, Moscow. Brimming with beautiful historical monuments, its unique urban architecture contrasts with the richness of its greenery. From his point of departure Château-d’Oex, Switzerland up until now, Mike and his crew have witnessed spectacular sceneries from the comfort of their two Mercedes-Benz G-Wagons. Despite a couple hours lost stuck in traffic, the team is advancing rapidly towards their final destination: Pakistan! “There’s a pleasant surprise to be found after every turn on the road. This road trip is a lot more of an adventure than I had expected. Our backsides might be numb, but our minds are blown away by the thrill of such a new and exciting journey!”

13 Faces of Valais

Mike Horn and Fred Roux on the summit of Mount Dolent
Mike Horn and Fred Roux on the summit of Mount Dolent

22 September 2014 – Mike Horn and Valaisan alpinist, Fred Roux climb to the summit of Mount Dolent in Valais, Switzerland and descend with parapentes, as part of a promotion film called the ’13 Faces of Valais’.  Breathtaking scenery is beautifully captured by photographer David Carlier.

Wikipedia: Mont Dolent (3,820 m) is a mountain in the Mont Blanc massif that lies on the border of Italy and Switzerland, and close to the border with France.

It is generally considered the tripoint between Italy, Switzerland and France, although the point itself lies at 3,749 metres, north-west of the summit of Mont Dolent.


Return to Makalu base camp

Advanced base camp
Advanced base camp

Mike and Fred returned to Makalu base camp today at 4’800m.

Now its the waiting game. Waiting to make the attempt of the final summit push.

The mountain is gradually becoming busier with more tents popping up by the day. Wonderful acquaintances are being made with other climbers and the excitement is shared as the climbers all wait for the next good weather window.

Makalu – getting closer

Training day for Fred and Mike
Osprey bags packed and ready to go!

Today Fred and I will leave advanced base camp for two days. Our plan is to get up to 7’500meters and set up camp there for one evening. The following day we will try and ascend to 8’000meters , stay one more evening at 7’500m and then descend back to advanced base camp the next day. After this climb we should be well acclimitised and ready to attack the summit as soon as the next good weather window arrives.



Mike Horn – The Adventure Legend

He’s faced-off polar bears, crocs and K2 and puts his survival down to listening to his inner voice.

There are not many adventurers who are living legends, but Mike Horn is one of them. He’s circumnavigated the globe along the equator, swum the Amazon, trekked to the North Pole in winter and recently taken to climbing 8,000m mountains for relaxation. Just before setting off on his latest expedition to Makalu, he explains why the slow slog of high altitude mountaineering agrees with him and what to do when a polar bear sits on you.

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Modern Day Adventurer
Mike Horn – Adventure Legend

Mike Appears on HuffingtonPost Live

With a pair of major expeditions scheduled for the next few months, Mike was able to go on HuffingtonPost LIVE and discuss his lifetime of adventure, and everything he has coming up with Makalu and Pole to Pole 360.

It’s a great interview, with some amazing stories — polar bears jumping into this sled, tips on avoiding piranhas and poison plants in the jungle — and Mike’s typical dry wit and wisdom.


Click here to watch the video.

Mike Horn on Huffington Post LIVE


An Expedition for the 21st Century


pangaea boat in oceanFor 25 years, Mike Horn has inspired and educated the world by pushing the limits of human ability through a series of groundbreaking expeditions. He has circumnavigated the globe entirely under human power, followed the Artic Circle around the globe during the Artic winter, and swum the length of the Amazon River.

In August 2014, Mike embark on his next great adventure, Pole to Pole 360. Mike will attempt to become the first person to circumnavigate the globe north-to-south in a continuous, single year expedition.

Mike will begin this groundbreaking expedition from Europe, then sail his boat, the Pangaea, south to Cape Town, South Africa, the nation where Mike was born. From there it’s across the Southern Ocean to Antarctica, where he will cross Antarctica on skis. Crossing finished, he will sail the Pacific from south to north, ending up in the Arctic. From there, he will travel by ski and kayak to Greenland, where he returns to his boat and finishes his trip by sailing back to Europe.

Two separate but equally intriguing stories will unfold. As it circumnavigates the globe, Pangaea will be in a constant state of adventure and exploration. While Mike is consumed by making the solo crossings of Antarctica and the Arctic Ocean, his 110-foot sailboat will be moving toward his exit points. The boat will act as a platform for research, education and ancillary expeditions with other world class adventurers and athletes in seldom-explored regions of the world.

Mike’s journey will be documented on this website, on video, on film and digital video and via social media. Mike will bring a crew of up to 30 people, and Pangaea provides ample room for a team of athletes, filmmakers, photographers and writers. In addition, Pangaea is complete with the latest technology, including a satellite uplink, providing real-time communication from anywhere in the world.

This becomes the greatest exploratory expedition of the 21st century, an unbelievable adventure with the best athletes in the world, going to the farthest reaches of the planet.

We hope you’ll follow this expedition, which starts in September.

Mike prepares for Makalu


New expeditions are on the go for Mike!

Next week, Mike leaves for the Makalu Expedition. At 8463m, Makalu is the fifth highest mountain in the world, and it is situated at the border of Nepal and China.

Mike will attempt to summit Makalu mountain with Valasian climber Fred Roux.

Today Mike tested out some parapentes designed by David Getaz.

Weather permitting, Mike will try and use a parapente for the descent of Makalu.


Mike is in a constant state of travel and adventure , so keep up to date on all his expeditions !