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Soon in the Amazon!

Blog written by Shaya Oceane LAUGHLIN (17, Australia)

Amazon here we come!

Blisters from selection camp have just had the time to heal up and we are already on our way to the Amazon! Only 12 more classes to endure until my teachers are replaced by Mike Horn (woohoo!)

It seems like yesterday that we were all at selection camp having the time of our lives. I am so excited to see everyone again in 5 days to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Being in Switzerland for 10 days has already taught me so much I can’t wait to see what the Amazon has in store for us!

Coming back home has been pretty hectic. One day it was so wild that the television channel had to come pick me up at school during my fifteen minute lunchbreak to get an interview! After starting at a new school my three weeks have been filled by catching up on work, spending time with my family, doing media interviews, preparing the project for the Amazon and keeping fit.

The day I received my plane ticket was the day I realized it was all really happening, before it seemed surreal, something a kid could only dream about. I feel bubbles of joy in my tummy each time I run through my head what is really happening to me.

It has been funny to see everyone’s reaction at school when I tell them why I’m away so much. First I have to explain why I was in Switzerland and why I’m going to the Amazon (often I also have to explain where the Amazon is). When they hear about the program everyone thinks it’s the most awesome thing they’ve heard about (and I agree!!)

I’m pretty sure there are no words to describe how thankful I am to have this opportunity to be part of this expedition!

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