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Serbia Project – August 27

27th August 2013

You stumble out of your tent and see – nothing. The whole camp is covered in fog and it is about to start raining.

But what's this? Everyone is standing outside dressed in running clothes and ready for the daily morning exercise! That used to be different on the first day.

During breakfast the expected rain started and wouldn't stop until the afternoon. So the plan for the day changed a bit and instead of painting more benches and shelters at another view point we went down into the village where a national park ranger gave a presentation about the animals in Tara. Then the Yeps took the chance to talk about their expeditions and explained in detail why exactly we're organizing this camp: to show the Serbian youths the beauty of their country and make this movement sustainable by teaching them how to realize the next camp on their own.

When the sun finally shone through the clouds we all went outside, made animal figures out of clay and drew logo drafts for the national park.

But the most exciting activity was still to come! At ten o'clock the group was suddenly told that we'd do a night hike!

In the beginning they were allowed to walk in groups of five without using any torch or headlamp but candles.

When the groups arrived at the first checkpoint they had to continue by themselves, all alone in the dark Serbian forest where there happen to be wolves and bears. Of course we didn't take the kids anywhere really dangerous but just knowing the fact that there are these animals in other places of the national park scared them quite a lot. And we even increased this feeling by cracking branches in the woods, making strange noises or suddenly jumping on the path.

As revenge some of the peer leaders scared the Yeps on the way back to the camp and we must admit that they succeeded quite well!


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