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Serbia Project – August 26

26th August 2013

Rafting time! This is what all of the group was looking forward to – rafting on the river that marks the border between Bosnia and Serbia.

When a hole in one of the rafts was fixed with duck tape we were ready to set of into the strong currents and wild water. Well, not really. The water was as calm as a river can float and it was more of a relaxed rubber boat trip than an exciting rafting adventure. But still we all had fun, pushing others out of the boat, jumping into the water and paddling like crazy as we wouldn't have made any progress just by floating along.

The river itself if beautiful, crystal clear and we could see the ground at all times. Stunning!

The afternoon program was a hike to a spring that is said to be good for your eyes and skin. Until a couple of years ago the monks of the nearby monastery, which we also visited, only knew it.

Unfortunately from tomorrow on the weather forecast predicts strong rains so we're lucky that we more or less finished the work for the national park. It's only a pity for our planned barbecue on the last evening. Let's hope for the best!

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