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Serbia Project – 3 September 2013

3rd September 2013

Now it's time for the peer leaders to organize their own projects and actions! During the Eco camp in Tara National Park we taught them about project management and gave them a guideline how to get started with their own actions. Today it was time to put it into practice!

We all met in one of Kraljevo's parks and started with our huge clean up that took us from the park to the river Ibar and along its shore.

Even though there weren't many big things to pick up the amount of small pieces like cigarettes, lids, papers and bottles was quite impressive!

We filled around 15-20 garbage bags and collected hundreds of colorful lids of beer bottles, which we used to create some nice artwork.

A couple of times we were asked by strangers what we were doing and even the national TV got interested and sent a camera team to film and interview us.

The clean up didn't only raise awareness but also made the city of Kraljevo a nicer place! Now the riverside is free of garbage and will hopefully stay like this for a couple of weeks or even longer. We're optimistic that the peer leaders keep it up and will motivate more and more people to join them!

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