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Selection Camp starts soon!

Hey Everyone!

You should take a look at my calendar! It's packed with things to do and little notes for myself so I don’t miss or forget anything!

This week is extremely busy, and the only thing that is running through my mind is the Selection Camp. Preparations are at their peak! Once my minor injury that I mentioned in my last blog stopped hurting, I went straight back to riding my bike and swimming. I've been riding my bike everywhere almost every day for the past two weeks, it's incredible, on-road, off-road, I just love it!

Last weekend I went on a hike in the Judean Desert with my group of children that I guide. It was awesome, we had perfect weather and the children did very well.

We slept outdoors and cooked a dinner on a bonfire.

It was a great opportunity to take a step back from all the pressure and just to enjoy the quite and calm environment of the desert. We saw many different kinds of birds and some Hyraxes, which are always amusing to come across.

I can't wait for Monday to arrive, it's gonna be epic!

Cheers from Israel!


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