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Selection Camp count down!

Blog written by Nora Bergner, Freinsheim, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

The first time I heard about the PANGAEA Project was two years ago in a magazine. From that moment I dreamed about joining the movement. I followed the project nearly every day on the homepage and it was great to have the chance to meet some of the young explorers already in the program at the PANGAEA meeting in Freiburg in December.
My big dream came true on Thursday, March 22nd, 19:25 when I received the Email notice telling me that I had been selected. The first moment, when I read the word "Congratulations” I couldn’t believe it! But then excitement and happiness came over me and from that moment on it has only been growing bigger and bigger with every day the selection camp gets closer (only 17 days left!!!). With that mounting excitement also comes the growing number of Emails from Michael Scholl with work to do!

Nevertheless, I like the things we have to do in preparation for Selection Camp. The research about Africa (going to library, internet, reading), the sportive preparation (jogging, cycling, etc.), the presentation about myself, the media outreach. Also, a really important part of the process will be working with three other young explorers (who I will meet at selection camp) on a project which will be done in Africa. I’m researching simple and alternative ways to clean water. Did you know that every 15 seconds a child dies because of diarrhea? The reason for that fatal sickness is polluted drinking water. Fortunately, there are several ways to face this problem and I strongly believe that it will be possible to save a few of these lives by informing locals met during the PANGAEA Africa expedition methods they can use to clean their water.

To manage all the things in a few short days, it is helpful to do several things at the same time (like you can see on the picture!). But a better way to meet the goals is to work on each assignment step-by-step. I've already made small progress. Today I found a possible way to ten first aid kits for the program. And yesterday, I had a successful shopping trip to complete my equipment list.

Thanks to my family and friends for supporting me so much and thanks to the Mike Horn team that you give me this great opportunity!!! I can’t wait to meet the other selected Young Explorers from all around the world!!!

Greetings from Germany,


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