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Selection Camp count down!

Blog written by Valerie Cleland, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Even at this early point in my life I can start to point to the big events in my life that have and will shape me. Expeditionary training and evaluation with Mike Horn’s PANGAEA Young Explorers Program is going to be one of those events.

To say I’m excited to attend the selection camp would be a gross understatement. While my life as a college student is incredibly busy, the selection camp is always on my mind. It’s still hard to believe that in less than two weeks I’ll be ending my first year of college and on a plane heading towards the adventure of a lifetime.

Ten days in the Swiss Alps with a famous explorer, and fellow passionate youth, learning new skills and ways to interact with extreme environments is only the beginning. The people I meet will help me stretch my mind in new directions and come up with new ways to engage my community in environmental issues. I want to learn how to push myself, not just physically, but mentally. Too often we stay in a safe zone, and I, like most of us, have yet to discover my limits. This program will re-inspire me to give everything I’ve got. It’s an experience that will continue to shape me and the influence I have on those around me. I can’t wait to come back and share what I’ve learned.

I’d still argue that this isn’t just about me; it could be about anyone. The urge to go out there and do something is huge. Give in to it! Engage. Take advantage of the opportunities presented to you. Reach beyond your comfort zone, become a bigger person, and make a difference. There is something for all of us. Mike Horn’s PANGAEA Young Explorers Program is my idea of the ultimate expedition. What’s yours?

-Valerie Cleland

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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