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Selection Camp count down!

Blog written by Agustina Cozzitorto of Del Viso, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Only a few days until the long-awaited moment. The final details are being completed and soon I will embark on an experience that happens only once in lifetime. My luggage is almost prepared, my physical condition is ready to give my best, and my mind is 100% focused on the next 10 days. Today I’m in Argentina but soon I will be in the Swiss Alps. It still sounds like a dream to me!

I cannot imagine the amount of extremely interesting information I will learn at the selection camp. With three of my peers, I am preparing a project on Malaria in Africa to present at camp. This disease transmitted by mosquitoes takes the life of thousands of people every year, mostly children less than five years of age.

I've already had the opportunity to make a journalistic note in my community asking for the support of my neighbors interested in my participation in the PANGAEA program, and Mike Horn's concept. Fortunately, many people showed interest and some even agreed to help by donating first aid kits or medications to take to the expedition in Africa.

I really feel that this program is opening many doors for me already, and a concern for nature and the world that surrounds us is becoming one of the most important things in my life.

A simple dream can come true and may end up being something much bigger than we had expected.

Africa Selection Camp here I come!


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