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Selection Camp count down!

It’s been exactly a month since I got THAT Email.

It would turn out to be an Email that would present the biggest opportunity of my life so far.

From the moment I read the word, “Congratulations,” my life has taken a whole new direction! At first I could not believe it. I had to read the message about 10 times before it really sunk in. I am going to Switzerland for the adventure of my life!!

Its been a crazy last few weeks preparing for selection camp, getting all the necessary documents in order for my travel to Switzerland, getting to know my fellow young explorers, doing research about South Africa, Namibia and Kenya and also about the action projects to be implemented on the expedition (like malaria education and the importance of mosquito nets, which is the topic my group got to work on). All this, not forgetting the physical preparations such as jogging, cycling, swimming, hitting the gym, etc. But all the work in the world couldn't make me regret applying for this amazing experience.

I first heard about The PANGAEA Project on a local TV program where two young explorers spoke about their adventure to Canada.  Since that moment I knew this was something I must do!! I immediately jumped on the computer and started reading about Mike Horn's Young Explorers Program, it all sounded so AMAZING and almost too good to be true!!  So I joined the Young Explorers online community and saw that the application window for the 12th (and FINAL) expedition was open and accepting applicants right then. So I took a chance and applied, I never dreamed that I would actually be selected! I am so happy that I tried! I am most grateful for this amazing opportunity I have been given. Words cannot describe my excitement!

I have not even gotten to Selection Camp yet, but just the preparations have already given me a new outlook on life, especially what I have discovered about malaria in Africa and the water conditions. It makes me so appreciative for all that I have, especially the little things, like turning on the tap and getting clean, safe water — small things we often take for granted– and this is only the beginning! I know that the PANGAEA Project is going to change my life in many more ways.
Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity, I am so grateful to have been selected to participate in the camp! I also would like to thank my family and friends who have supported me. 


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