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Selection Camp count down!

Blog written by Agustina Cozzitorto, Del Viso, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hi everyone, I’m Agustina and this is my first — but not my last blog for the PANGAEA Project!

From the day I sent in my application, dreams of the selection camp have been going around in my head like nothing ever before. I can hardly spend more than two hours without talking or thinking about it. Since the moment Michael’s all-important Email entered in my inbox to the moment I opened it to receive the news, I was so nervous, and anxious, and most of all scared. The first word I read was: CONGRATULATIONS, followed by a letter which I had to read about five more times to be sure I was not mistaken! What I felt at that moment was incredible happiness and for a few second, everything outside of this amazing news became irrelevant to me.

Since then, I have already been in touch with my fellow PANGAEA Africa Expedition candidates and was immediately surprised by the dedication and interest we all have in common. We introduced ourselves to each other and shared general information to get to know each other. Now that the camp is approaching, we have divided into groups for the important part — the investigation and exploitation of our minds to the fullest of ideas is just beginning! Each group must bring a solution to a problem facing Africa and seek ways to help local people, either by building facilities, or sharing knowledge. This keeps us busy and it's difficult to handle all the commitments I have these days with school and extracurricular activities. But, I may possibly never receive a chance like this at any other time in my life, so the importance and priority I give this amazing PANGAEA adventure is more than anything else.

There are no words to describe how thankful I am to have this exciting opportunity. I can’t even describe my motivation and what I feel inside when I start thinking that in a few days I will be in Switzerland, meeting other 15 amazing teens and the wonderful team of Mike Horn's.

The countdown has already begun and is declining fast; I cannot wait to experience the wonders that await me!

Greetings from Argentina!

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