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Research Station

Later, we searched for our shovels and… bathing costume. As we discovered the hot springs the previous day, we knew exactly where to go and dig in the beach to reach the hot water. We prepared a small swimming pool in the hot spring using nearby wood. Everyone was ready to go for a good bath… in the middle of Antarctica! The water was hot and wonderful! After a few hours of bathing and a short walk along the beach we finally decided to go back on the boat to have a late lunch.

In the afternoon, we set the sails up and left Deception Island, direction King George Island. What great scenery to go out of the crater of the volcano with the sails up in the wind!
Another 7 hour trip was in front of us to reach our last destination of this Antarctic adventure. It will also be the last night on the boat for us. We spent our last evening looking at photos and films that were taken during our trip. What wonderful memories!

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