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PRESS RELEASE – YEP 7 Kamchatka Expedition

On the 28th of November, the Pangaea Expedition’s Young Explorer Programme kicks off its 7th expedition in one of the most stunning places this world has to offer.

The Kamchatka Peninsula, a Unesco World Heritage Site, known for its many volcanoes, geothermic activity and astounding wildlife, now faces the grasps of winter.

Expedition leader, Mike Horn revels in the idea of getting to the Arctic again. His 3 years of combined Arctic and Antarctic experience will be invaluable as the team of 6 international youths, mountain guides, scientific advisor, Doctor and local specialists undertake a three week overland trek using snow shoes and dog sled whilst visiting the volcanoes and geothermic regions of this spectacular peninsula.

The journey will begin in Petropavlovsk on Sunday when all members join together for their first Expedition briefing.

Follow Mike and the Young Explorers on their daily blogs and photos as they carry out the Pangaea Expedition’s maxim: EXPLORE – LEARN – ACT.

EXPLORE with professional explorer and Expedition Leader Mike Horn the Mutnovsky, Goryeliy , Avachinsky volcanoes and the Dachniy Hot Springs.

LEARN with scientific advisor, Dipl. Geogr. Franziska Koch, from the University of Munich and local experts about scientific exploration and regional geothermic activities. Visit to the Mutnovsky Geotherm Station.

ACT YEP presentation at Yelizovo School. Associating with regional schools for ACT project and environmetal programmes.

The 6 Young Explorers are:
Saraya D`Àth, 15, Australia / Hayden Cockburn, 20, New Zealand / Carla Mckenzie, 19, South Africa / Michaela Korodimou, 18, UK / Maricella Uribe, 19, Switzerland / Pavel Kuchinov, 21, Russia.

For further information please contact:

Cathy Horn
Administration and Logistics
Mike Horn Expedition Center | Place Centrale | 1660 Château-d'Oex | Switzerland
Tel: +41(0)26 924 3725 | Mobile: +41(0)79 2898129 | Fax: +41(0)26 924 3723
[email protected] |

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