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Mike arrives in Russia

What I love about our amazing planet is the variety!!! Not only the diversity of people, cultures and languages but also  the diversity of something that we all have in common, the weather. We left a green, warm Hong Kong via Seoul to Vladivostok and arriving in Russia we where greeted by snow.

Everybody wrapped up in warm clothes gloves and hats. The flight is not so far in distance but long in time. It will take us 32 hours to get to Kamchatka.

I love coming back to Russia in winter and to feel the cold bite at your face, ears, nose and hands. I find it very exciting specially after being in the tropics for more than a year now. Days are short here and nights are long. That is life  – taking it as it comes and enjoying every minute of it.

I will keep you updated every day to show you all the beauty of Kamchatka. Nobody wants to go there because they say the weather is too bad but I believe that there is no such thing as bad weather – it’s only weather.

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