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Getting higher Getting higher

Preparing for the summit push

Mike and Fred climb to 6'670meters
Mike and Fred’s first climb above advanced base camp

We just got back from a training climb of two days at higher altitude. Our goal was to climb to Camp 2 at 7’500meters and leave a tent and food there in preparation for the final summit push. Then we would descend and camp at 6’800 meters. Unfortunately we were stopped by snowy conditions and strong winds so decided to set up camp at 6’670meters. It didn’t matter that we didn’t go higher as it was a great climb and every ascent helps us to acclimatise and to get familiar with the mountain.

Compared to last years attempted ascent of K2 with Fred and Köbi Reichen, Mike says that whereas K2 remains an extremely dangerous and technical mountain to climb with high risk of avalanche and rockfalls, Makalu on the otherhand appears to be a very cold mountain due to its exposure to strong winds. When climbing Makalu they must be very careful not to get frostbite.

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