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Peru Project – Day 16

Young Explorers Blog – Day 16

Wayrasacha is an ecological spot where farmer, Cesar Ramirez Garcia has incorporated organic agriculture into his family owned terrain. Mr. Garcia has worked for many years trying to recover which have been mismanagement by other farmers. The method he uses revitalizes the soil by re-introducing natural minerals, microorganisms and compost into it. He teachings about the interrelationship between science, art, philosophy and the mystic, as the four pillars of life that inspire us to respect the order that natural environments bring to us humans. This almost mystic experience filled us with peacefulness, which made the next stop at the Urku animal rescue center come as a big shock.

While we were there we saw various animals that have been rescued from the illegal animal trade. And helped the workers at the center take care of the animals. We learned that the rescue center operates without governmental support, which surprised us all. The time spent there greatly enhanced our understanding of the illegal animal trade.

Now armed with more knowledge about the different ways to manage wildlife, we presented our experiences to an audience filled with ecological youth volunteers, and members of the regional ecological police. We put an end to our trip by celebrating together at an eco-bar we were invited to.

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