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Peru Project – Day 15

Young Explorers Blog – Day 15

Everyone was happy this morning as we woke up, dry, under the gazebo we used as shelter from the rain last night. Our hard work paid off when our lovely host, Maria, served us scrambled eggs and yucca. We also had the opportunity to taste the local cheese and delicious panela, handmade from cane sugar.

A full tummy and a few pictures later, we headed up to our last destination, the city of Tarapoto. After an 8 hour drive, the hungry crew savored some local dishes before heading to our stunning campsite, Tambo Ilusion, a private conservation area where we set up camp under the moonlight.

The sun was so hot that the usually dreaded cold shower turned into a welcomed relief. This last refreshing moment revitalized our minds and prepared us all for the final day of the project; where we will presentation in front of an audience of youth volunteers and local authorities.


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