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Pentakatha school ACT Project-Day 7 & 8


The last two days have been quite a journey for the YEP’s . We painted all the walls of the first block which has 8 rooms with bright yellow and turquoise colours which makes the room look happy and cheerful. It’s been week in Orissa and time is flying, with Dima’s guidance and team’s work we’ve had a successful week and we are looking forward for more in the next two weeks. We ended up painting most of the 29th but by the end of the day we were all so happy to see the rooms.

On 30th we had to complete the room with the finishing touches and started with the outside of the school and the next building, while all of us here were quite tired from the week’s work we had the energetic and youngest YEP Paridhi arrive from New Delhi. Though Painting seems like such a tedious task, which it is, working as a team with music playing at the back makes things more fun. We have so much
fun and try to make most of every moment, which is why we are able to see past the tiredness and still have energy to work when we wake up every morning.

Apart from all the painting, we go to a resort to eat dinner every day and now we are busy crashing weddings! It’s the wedding season in India which is a huge celebration and once Dima takes his camera out everyone wants to be in the picture and then we are invited to the weddings and Inge, Pawel, Floren and Joe enjoy joining them dance and clicking pictures with the Indian bride and groom!:)  We are looking forward to go to the school tomorrow earlier than usual with our cameras to see the kids reaction to the painted rooms! Pictures coming up soon!:)


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