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Pentakatha ACT Project – Day 10

Today as usual our day began at 9 and we all thought that a long day of work was about to come but actually it wasn't. We worked really hard and we managed to finish painting the ground floor, first and second floor inside.

In the afternoon we started playing some games with the kids and we spent a nice time together. Day by day we get the chance of getting to know more kids, even though they are 300!. The children are excited to learn more games and are very enthusiastic in playing them with us.

Tomorrow our friend and Geberit representative Christophe will head back to Europe and we have decided to accompany him to the airport in Bubhaneshwar.

We will make the most of the trip and buy some stationery for the school there. I'm really looking forward to visit one of the biggest cities in Orissa and have some pizza for dinner:-).


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