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Pentakatha School Act Project-DAY 5

Today was a pretty uneventful day. We started our day very early and just after waking up, we headed directly to the restaurant to have our breakfast. When we arrived at Pentakatha school, there were no children there as they had a day off school, so we could start painting the classrooms without interrupting them in their lessons. Firstly, however, we needed to put primer on the walls so that the paint would not be falling off from the walls. We almost finished this part of our work and will start painting classrooms tomorrow. It was a very tiring day since we had loads of work to do but we used almost all of our breaks from work to sunbathe even for a while.

After work we went to the restaurant to have our dinner and there was a ceremony near the restaurant so after dinner we had an opportunity to indulge ourselves with Indian culture while listening to Indian music and watching local dances. We also tried some of local specials called paan, which is beetle leaf filled with beetle nuts, fennel and sugar cubes which is usually eaten after lunch or dinner.


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