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Pentakatha School Act Project-DAY 2

We started off the morning with a lot of excitement. Mr.Barik accompanied us to the wonderful school. All of us were welcomed with great enthusiasm; kids were waiting for us with garlands and a big smile. The Principal and the teachers showed us around the school and the classrooms. We were quite shocked to see that the students learn 4 languages apart from their main subjects.

The school has many rooms and is under further construction; the students sit on the ground and listen to their teachers with great interest. The school is big and has 300 students from the kindergarten  to the 8 th standard.

Say Cheeesseeeee! The afternoon was all about taking pictures.The students were so fascinated to see so many cameras and everyone wanted be in the picture! Floren showed them her skipping skills and so many kids loved watching her, Inge was busy capturing some of the best moments, Joe was entertaining the kids with his camera and Pawel was just absolutely amazed by the whole scene. All this was a treat for Dmitry’s camera of course. Chris from the Geberit team had already visited the school earlier and the children were excited to see him.

What we in the school today was quite great over-whelming .. from the premises, the students, the food, teachers, principal, the helpers.. everything had something to look upon and think.

We also planned during the day to make a good impact in the school by the end of the three weeks. We started planning our week and the evening was spent choosing colours and buying paint. We all agreed on a mutual bright colour to make the school look bright and happy just like the students in the school.

We start work tomorrow and we are all looking forward to it.

We are thanking the Mike Horn team every minute of the great opportunity, and it has just started.



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