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Pentakatha ACT Project – Day 9

How can someone add color to people’s lives? Hm… Tough question but, us YEPS at India have an easy solution. PAINT COLOURFUL walls. 🙂

Today, we managed to complete painting the outside walls of the ground floor at the Pentakatha School much to our delight and the students. But, we didn’t do it alone. Luckily for us, we were joined by lots of tiny hands and eager faces as the students volunteered to help us with the task.

Earlier in the day, the students returned to school after a tiny break during which we painted their classes. They were excited to see their new classrooms and boy, were they surprised! What once were dark, dull and drab classrooms now have become bright orbs of hope with yellow to represent the warm Indian sun and blue, the cool ocean.

All work and no play would make us dull so we decided to play some games after which the children headed home. After they left, we resumed our job of scrubbing windows and doors. We had a sumptuous dinner and headed back home to rest.

What awaits us tomorrow is another hard day of work as we take on the first floor and start scrubbing the rest of the school. It’s time to get down and dirty again and we just can’t wait!


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