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Pentakatha ACT Project – Day 18

Today was a very exciting day for the students and the YEPS!!

We started off with a hygiene workshop with Ms. Shikha Nayak, a United Nations spokeswoman who concentrated her speech about the importance of hand washing, the diseases that could spread, and addressed the teachers to take immediate action to force the students to wash their hands!! The workshop
was very important as Ms. Nayak was from Orissa and was able to communicate with the kids and teachers in the local Orissa language. After the workshop, we decided to give out the school bags with the stationeries to the students. They were extremely happy and the smile wasn't going off their faces, on the other hand we were also very glad to see how happy the kids were!! An hour later it was lunch time and we did a revolution for the kids!

We got soap and made sure that every student washed their hands before having their meal, everybody was running around asking for soap and washing their hands not only once but TWICE! We really felt that the workshop affected them and a change has already started! The young explorers distributed sweets for the kids for dessert after their lunch and played games with them for a couple of hours.

After school, Dimitri, Shruti, and Inge took a young boy from the school to an eye doctor because he had problems with his vision. The doctor recommended some tests to be done and required them to come back in 2days to view the results. It was a full day with lots of activity, with two days left with the project and still so much to achieve, tomorrow can't come fast enough.

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