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Pentakatha ACT Project – Day 17

Today we returned to our painting routine and came back to the school to finish painting the last windows and classes that were resting, taking advantage of the fact that the kids weren’t there, because it was the “God of Knowledge’s “ birthday festival. In the evening Shruti and Paridhi went to the temple while the rest of us used that time to go shopping. It’s really nice to see all we have done during these last 2 weeks, and to see the school changed completely.

We’ve finished the first part of the project (painting) and now we’re focusing on one of the main themes: EDUCATION. We were very lucky because we managed to contact one of the representatives of UNICEF in Orissa and tomorrow she is coming to the school to give us a hand in educating the kids on sanitation, as she has an extensive knowledge in that field.

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