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Pentakatha ACT Project – Day 15

Today, it is exactly two weeks since we arrived to Puri and time is flying, we have one more week left with us and we have so much to do with the students and the school.

We visited the Sun Temple in Konark today which is about 30kms from where we stay. The drive to the temple was amazing as there was no traffic and there was the beach alongside with a nice breeze. The temple was big and was rich with culture. We had a guide with us who explained to us that the temple was over 700 years old and the history behind every sculpture. It also has 24 sun dials with which people can tell time, it was quite exciting. The temple has been locked for hundreds of years now but Dima kept trying to find out if there was a secret passage, it was hilarious!

After lunch we proceeded to the local plaza to do some shopping, Inge and Flor were amazed by all the fabrics that were here.

We finally got a much needed break and are set to work from tomorrow. We will be going to the city tomorrow to attend a few meetings and hopefully bring back more great news which will benefit the school.

Most importantly we will be distributing school bags to all the students in the school tomorrow and are excited to see the reactions they have for us as it is a surprise gift for the kids from us!

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