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Pentakatha ACT Project – Day 14

Today was a very fun day for all the YEPs, since it was weekend and we got to enjoy some free time. We went to the school early this morning to sort out the bags we bought yesterday and count them into classes.

We realised, after some calculations, that we paid 500 rupees too much for the bags, and we learnt an important lesson in dealings with Indian market people. We did presentations on our respective countries to the teachers, so that they have a rough idea what we’re talking about before we present to
the children.

After that we were going to go to the Puri market and the beach, but after lunch we were all so exhausted from the long week that we went back to the hotel and caught up on some sleep. Dima, who is an absolute
machine, went back to school to help with the painting and watch over the painters and laborers. Waking up refreshed we went to the beach and played volleyball, soccer and Dmitri’s potato game. We were all covered in sand by the time we went for dinner, but it was very enjoyable as always.

Tonight we are having fun little party to celebrate our last week here, since we have exactly one week left.

We are all very excited for tomorrow and the week ahead since we are going to the Konark Sun Temple in the morning and visiting markets and different villages tomorrow.

During the week we also have a meeting scheduled with UNICEF in Bhubaneshwar, who will hopefully
support the project once we have left India.

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