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Patagonia 18.01.2012

Blog written by Soledad and Malgorzata

5.30 wake up, short breakfast, bus, boat, crampons, research equipment, PERITO MORENO GLACIER… crevasses, hot-water drilling, glacier melting, velocity, sleep 🙂

That was an amazing day! Finally we touched with our feet the object of our dreams and latest research. Pedro Skvarca, the famous Patagonian glaciologist lead us to the middle of the glacier to his research area. Our aim was to drill with a special equipment a hole-14 meters deep to put there a very long stick. After the very precise GPS measurement next year we can obtain how much the glacier moved and melted. The glacier itself is very unique – because it's one of the few glaciers in the world that does not retreat!!

Seeing the beauty of the glacier, listening to the numerous meltwater streams and cracks of the ice, we were feeling like in a different world and wondering how long this world with beautiful glaciers is going to last.

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