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Pangaea EcoCamp – June 15, 2012

The last day came faster than we all expected and when we woke up this morning we knew that this will be the last hours that we can spend together. The whole team has bonded quite strongly and they’re now a very powerful group of 16 enthusiastic kids that care for our environment. After breakfast we played basketball and volleyball, before we met for a final discussion. We talked about how they could act locally and the plan is that they will from now on meet every month and do one activity, mainly to raise awareness. We handed out the certificates to them, together with a "Wenger" knife and then it was time to say goodbye. No one likes to say goodbye. It was hard for all of us since we’ve really grown together in the past 5 days. Tears were running and we had to promise that we will come back.

All in all, I can say that I’m sure that we all had an awesome and very interesting time at the Tara National Park, during which we all learned a lot and gained a lot of valuable and unforgettable experiences.

Before they left we gave them 5 questions that they should answer, and that is what the Eco Camp kids have to say:

What did you enjoy the most?

  • Every day here was great. I enjoyed every minute I spent here. But the most of all I liked rafting. I haven’t done this before. This is probably the most interesting 5 days in my life.
  • I enjoyed the night hike the most!
  • Everything was very good but the best thing was rafting.
  • I enjoyed the night hike the most because it’s exciting.
  • I liked the raid, it was so much fun and we are now a team

What did you not like?

  • Nothing. Everything was great.
  • Everything was absolutely perfect. The only thing that I would change is the time we had to wake up.
  • I didn’t like night hike because I was so scared.
  • There’s nothing that I didn’t like.
  • In the beginning I didn’t like the food and of course the camera.

What have you learnt?

  • Before the Eco Camp I wasn’t really aware of the significance of nature. I learnt that I should protect nature as much as I can. We also learnt to be a team player.
  • I learnt to respect nature, recycle, work as a team and overcome our fears.
  • I learnt that being together as a team is the most important and we should face our fear.
  • We learnt to respect nature, but this eco camp wasn’t only about ecology, it was about working in a team and overcome our fears.
  • During this week I learnt much about pollution of nature and keeping it clean, I learnt to respect it, but above all, I learnt of the importance of working as a team and trusting each other because only by working together we can reach our goals.
  • I learnt how to act!
  • I learnt that we must protect nature and raise awareness.

What will you remember the most?

  • I’ll remember everything. It’s hard for me to choose a moment, because I really enjoyed every second.
  • I most remember Pangaea team because they’re very cool and interesting.
  • I will always remember that night in the forest.
  • The experience is unforgettable.
  • I will always remember most when I fell in the lake. It was very funny and everybody laughed at me, and I don’t mind.

Anything else you want to say?

  • This was better than I expected it will be. And this was the best 5 days of my life.
  • The camp was awesome, the organization was even better, we’re going to miss you sooo much, see you next year (I hop) and you were doing everything perfect so I don’t have any advice.
  • The camp is great you’re so nice to us. I really enjoyed it and I’m probably gonna cry at the end. It was great, hope to do it next year. I’ll miss you.
  • Pangaea Eco Camp is very good organized.
  • Camp was great and you’re awesome!
  • I would really like to thank you for the best time in my life. I’ll never forget it.
  • Eco Camp was the best camp in my life and you’re the best teachers and Young Explorers.
  • I’m really glad and honored because I’m here. I just want to thank you for an amazing week. I’ll miss you.
  • I think that all of you are amazing and that you should make another Eco Camp.

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