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Pangaea EcoCamp – June 14, 2012

Today we all went rafting. Since we have already done it last weekend we knew what we have to expect, however it was great to see the kids’ excitement. Some of them were a little bit scared but once we were all in the rafts and started rowing and singing, everybody  enjoyed it. After this we had lunch at a monastery and then hiked to a spring, which is located at the beginning of the canyon.

I can’t believe that this is already the last full day. Time passes to fast, when you’re having a blast. 🙂 The kids are already talking about that they don’t want to leave tomorrow…

Since we came to Tara I couldn’t wait for this day, but it came faster than I thought. Isidora Radovanovic

They decided to treat us cruelly. 🙂 I woke up at 6:50 and at 7:00 we had to run (slowly, but without stopping) for 30 minutes. Branislava Lesevic

We run for 30 minutes. I was so proud of myself! I couldn’t believe I did it… Jelena Milivojevic

What a day! Finally we went on the so long expected rafting. The feeling is just amazing when you’re in a boat, rowing with your friends between two countries. Once again we showed our teamwork! Danica Babic

First we were little scared but the fear disappeared when we started rowing. We were really excited. Nevena Milenkovic

This was my first time. We raced with the other time and unfortunately lost. I was trying so hard. After that we went swimming but the water was very very cold. Isidora Radovanovic

I actually swam in the river although it was soooo cold. Jelena Milivojevic

Second apart of the day was even more exciting than the first. We had a wonderful time at a spring in the mountain. The best moments of the camp….:)Danica Babic

We had wonderful lunch at a monastery and then hiked to a curative spring where we got wet. Isidora Radovanovic

Today’s experience was awesome! Branislava Lesevic

I can’t wait for the party tonight. Nevena Vuksanovic

It will be crazy!  Jovan Virijevic

In my whole life I’ve never had more fun! I’m so sad because the end of the Eco Camp is coming soon. Isidora Radovanovic

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