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Team Efforts vs.Team BEAST – Day 1 :

We woke up to the usual early morning exercise, only this time there’s a catch.  We were warming up for the legendary RAID !  We were all nervous and excited for what awaited us, ready to plunge into the unknown and discover what we are capable of.  The weather was really amazing with lots of sun and of course… SNOW !  We packed for the raid ready for any weather, especially preparing for freezing temperatures.  We all got a harness, helmet, ski-poles, snowshoes and a pulley for the flying fox.

At ten we got our maps and the coordinates for the different checkpoints we would reach in the next two days.  Bags packed and bursting with enthusiasm we were off to the first checkpoint to meet our guides.  The first checkpoint :  The much anticipated and somewhat dreaded Ice wall climbing !  I have never been so amazed ! It was beautiful, we climbed up a waterfall !  We went up one by one belaying each other.  It was a great way to practice teamwork, you had to rely on both your equipment and your team.  We all made it up in great time, shouting encouragement all the way.Next we hiked up a mountain, finding a quick checkpoint on the way.  We worked together to hoist everybody up and over a wall, the rest of the obsticle course covered by a fallen tree.

Next we hiked further up the mountain following the ski-lifts to lead the way.  All the way wishing we were inside the lifts rather than under them.  When we reached the next team activity,  a high up ropes course we were all rallying to go first !  We soon devised a method to keep the path open and easy to navigate for the person in the air.  This was the most unbelievable teamwork I’ve ever experienced, we gave all our effort to help our fellow team members.  With all the support we overcame fears and completed the course without a hitch.

A short walk away was the next undeniably best part of the raid.  Of course it was the flying fox and sledding !!  we made our way back down the mountain at high speed with a few spectacular wipe outs.  It was every man for himself and we had a great time, especially documenting each others falls. Once we were down the mountain in in what felt like seconds we took off to the next checkpoint. The long awaited snack table. From there we found our way up another mountain to the hostel we would be sleeping in.  All the way we were led to believe we were going to sleep in snow caves. When we got there at ten, we were all so relieved to be sleeping inside instead of freezing conditions tat we bombarded Martin with a huge group hug ! Team BEAST soon joined us, finishing off the days activities.


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