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Zzzzzzzzzzzz… After a long night of getting to know each other more and the past young explorers we were finally allowed to sleep in until 8:00. We woke up straight for breakfast, contrary to the morning excersize we have all become custom to. After breakfast was a mapping and orienteering work shop. We learned about maps and how to use them. We then went into the field to test our newly acquired navigation skills.

We walked up hills, through the woods in deep snow bareing the chilli weather and amazed by the wonderful view. Once back at Hotel De' ville we were greated with a pheonominal lunch. After lunch we had some time to finish up with our video editing which will soon be online. Some us, who finished our videos, had some time to rest. Some even had three hours of sleep!

The atmosphere around is excellent, we can really feel the group coming together. Tomorrow we will embark on the legendary raid, which will require each person to give his best for his team.




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