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On this very fine fresh morning we were greeted with a fresh serving of morning exercise and a new friend, called Tire. As the Hotel is very full at the moment with young explorer’s, our morning exercise took a new direction, and turned into a full blown team race. With some of the old Young explorers making up two teams competing against three teams of Amazon Expedition Young explorers. The challenge was to get a tire up and down a mountain with your whole team together for the duration of the race. What an event! We were all pretty frozen at the end, but it was a great experience.

After an exhilarating morning we were brought back down to Earth by a First Aid course presented by Luke and Martin. This served as a reminder that what we are doing, on camp and back home, is not safe, and that accidents do occur. Thankfully Luke and Martin had a very spontaneous presenting style, keeping us on our toes and engaged.

If this wasn’t enough, the next part certainly was. After a hearty lunch we drove to a nearby town which has a great indoor swimming pool. Here we spent a couple of hours having a blast. In other words we used the facility to its fullest potential, flipping of the diving board, swimming marathon under water lengths and purely just messing around. A great treat for all the New Young explorers, maybe not as physical as the glacier climbing, but just as memorable.

Arriving back we sorted our gear and once that was done we inhaled another amazing evening meal. This however was only the start of the end of the day, this is where the presentations started. Presentations about how to do your own project or meeting and presentations about previous projects and expeditions. This was super informative and extremely interesting because it allowed us insight into the expeditions that the media/blogs would never be able to convey.

All in all we have to say that it was a productive, entertaining and exhilarating day, day 6, RAID is drawing near.

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