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We spent our last night celebrating together with raclette (this Swiss cheese dish that is sooo good!), music and our headlamp strobe lights. After a couple hours sleep we were up nice and early, sad that it was our last day together but also with butterflies in our stomachs, nervously waiting for the selected to be announced.

We packed our bags which were bulging by the time we finished squeezing in all the Mike Horn gear, Swiss chocolates and souvenirs that we bought. After a quick breakfast we were called to the couch and we had a quick prize giving for the winners of the video competition, we were given certificates for surviving the camp and then the moment came…

There was silence as Martin took a coffee break and kept us hanging and then the names came. Ten of us are going to join Mike Horn in the Amazon next month!! It was hard to know that only a few of us would be going as everyone deserved to take part. We have all grown so close, been through so much together and it has been sad to farewell this new family. As the first group departed many of us were in tears and we will miss each other and the team here very much. For those selected it is super exciting to know that in 24 days we will be reunited again for an adventure of a lifetime.

Thank you to the Mike Horn Team for all your hard work, late nights, laughs and this incredible opportunity. We are very grateful, very happy and have had the time of our lives this past 10 days. Thanks again!


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