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The second to last day of the camp has been the cherry on top of the cake if you ask us. The day started with interviews about our experiences. This was somewhat scary but entertaining at the same time. This was followed by an awesome lunch prepared by Leni and Annika, our amazing camp chefs! A big thanks to them! After lunch we discussed project ideas and our favorite experiences from the raid with old young explorers and The Team.

We had a very interesting presentation from a representative of Wenger, the original Swiss Army knife company. We heard the story of the founding of the company and how each knife is made to an exacting standard for its purpose. Wenger has 4 major partners in sport, one of them being Mike Horn. It was awesome to hear how Wenger has supported Mike for so long and to learn about the knife that Mike helped to design with the Wenger team.

We were each given a small Wenger Mike Horn Pangaea knife and heard that we would be given a larger version of the knife if we were selected to go to the Amazon with Mike Horn in April. However, these knifes would not be for us young explorers.

They would be to give to a person of our choice in the Amazon region who we believe would benefit from the use of the Wenger Mike Horn Pangaea knife in their daily lives. We had a delicious traditional Swiss dinner of Raclette along with a glass of beautiful white wine.

We had a great celebration of the camp with Luke, our camp uncle, and all the old young explorers and our new best friends, the candidates attending the Amazon Selection Camp. Fingers crossed for the final selection tomorrow morning. This has been the experience of a lifetime!

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