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Only two days to go!

The newspapers wrote it already: “I had tears in my eyes when I got the invitation to the Selection Camp in Chateaux d´Oex.” But that doesn´t even capture correctly how I felt: I only read “CONGRATULATIONS” and I felt thrilled already. My eyes couldn´t read further as they were full of tears already. I was shaking. I wanted to know more but I couldn´t read on. The first YEP started talking to me on facebook already before I could even read everything and with shaky hands I tried to answer. See, I didn´t see the news on the first day, as I was still in Asia doing volunteer work and therefore I didn´t have access to internet very often.

This also helped me to introduce Mike Horns project to the locals in Sabah, Malaysia. They were all excited for me, just as my own family too. I started to do loads of sports, even in the hot weather of Malaysia. Before I even came back to Switzerland I organized trips to the mountains: Every weekend until the selection camp was planned.

Now the Selection Camp is nearer than ever: only two days to go! I am looking forward to present our environmental project, do sports until I drop and meet a lot of exciting new people from all around the world!

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