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Blog written by USA Selection Camp YEP Mario LÖSCHER from Austria

Hi, my name is Mario and I live in Innsbruck, Austria.

There are only three days until the camp starts. I have to say it several times a day and I now think that I have realized this fact. Going to the Selection Camp.

After I visited the meeting in Stuttgart and met three other participants of the Selection Camp and all the other Young Explorers and soon to be Young Explorers I got even more excited about the Camp. Further it was really great to see so many people whom we told for the first time about Pangaea at the Mercedes Benz Sternstunden.

Thanks to Michael, who has given us a lot of work to do, the time flew by.

Doing research on the Everglades, doing physical activities, two days of shopping and sometimes sleeping and eating, this is what the last month was like. Furthermore I had tons of work the last few days for our Meeting in Innsbruck which starts tomorrow and ends with my flight to Switzerland.

Today I have packed my luggage after I have bought the last missing parts for our meeting.

I am so amazed to meet all these 15 other Young Explorers and the Mike Horn Team in three days.

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