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Mike’s Blog 24.02.2011

45-50 kn of headwinds and 5-8m of breaking waves. Pangaea is more underwater than on top. We are down to the last reef and our autopilot cannot hold the course. But we have seen worse! Slowly but surely we chipping away at the block and we should be in Guam in 15 hours time. We have another 110 nm to do but it is going slowly, very slowly. It feels like we have been put into a shaker that never stops. I would like to see what cocktail come out of this.

We have had some damage to our main sail, lazy jacks, our 12 V alternator came to a screaming stop and we have one or two other minor repairs to be done when we reach Guam.

Otherwise life is great! The power of Nature never stops to amaze me! It makes you humble and you understand how fragile we really are. We will never underfstand the real power of the elements.


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