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Mike departs for South Pole

After 5 days of intense preparation Mike now feels ready to leave.
The excitment mounts within him as he thinks of returning to the all familar environment of the polar regions.
He is looking forward to that overwhelming feeling of being alone amongst the majestic scenery and to the challenges that will affront him each day as he approaches the pole…..

The past days have been very busy for Mike and the team on Pangaea. Mike has been going over every single detail, checking and rechecking the equipment that he will pull along with him on his heavily laden sled.
Maps and thermal clothing are ready. Tool kit and spare parts also. Food, pots, stove, sleeping bag, tent, pharmacy – everything present. Nothing gets forgotten when everything is life dependent!

After a gourmet meal of Etivaz cheese fondue followed with chocolate mousse, a good sleep and a hearty breakfast, Mike bid farewell to the skipper and crew on Pangaea and left just as the morning fog was gradually lifting off the Antarctic coastline.

The weather over the last few days in the Antarctic has been relatively pleasant. The skies have been overcast with only slight winds and temperatures around -7°C during the days and dropping in the evenings to around -17°C. As Mike rises in altitude the temperature will begin to drop. At present the temperature on the pole are about -40°C without wind chill factor, so he's preparing himself for some rather cold times.

Pangaea's crew have not ceased to attend to the boats needs and upkeep. Yesterday they took advantage of the flat ice shelves to lay out the sails and do some repair work to the battens.
All this in the company of inquisitive penguins and seals!!

Our thoughts go with Mike as he starts his first days in the Antarctic and we will keep you posted as to his progress!

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