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Change of Plans

The next best solution would be for him to scout the Neny Glacier. This too could have been a possible path up to the peninsula plateau.

At the same time Mike has been waiting for a contingency plan that would help him in case of problems while on the peninsula. These are obligations that are laid down by Antarctic authorities and apply to any explorer that wishes to voyage in Antarctica. Unfortunately the offer that Mike received for the contingency plan came at a very high price of US$800'000. It was evident that this option was well out of his reach.

Three factors were pushing Mike to make the decision to return back to the boat and to rethink his planning on how he would get to the Pole. The glacier had many very deep and dangerous crevasses. Gale force winds were lashing the slopes as Mike was doing the scout. And, the very high price for a contingency plan,

Mike's option to return to the boat came at the right time. The winds were picking up and by the time Mike reached the boat, ice was beginning to break up around the coast. With Mike's team members also on the peninsula there was not just himself to get to the boat but three other people and 2 additional sleds!

Mike made an immediate plan. He hooked up the 3 sleds and with everybody onboard he attached his kite. In the gale force winds they returned safely to the boat but just in time! They got onboard Pangaea and a few minutes later the ice screws that were securing the boat were ripped out of their icey hold.

Everybody was safe. The boat was free and skipper Nick and his skilled crew quickly got Pangaea out of the exposed bay and found safe anchorage nearby.

Now, after an amazing month along the peninsula and all these adventures, the boat has slowly started to head back up north with Mike and her crew on board.

Pangaea will return to Punta Arenas and from there Mike will fly later this month to Patriot Hills. It will be from there Mike will start his trek to the Pole.

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