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In just a few more days…

Blog written by Julia FONTANA DESINANO

It's unbelievable, the 30th of January is drawing near.

In the last week I took a few days of holiday with my family and we went to the beach. It was wonderful!! =)

It's been almost two years since i last went to the beach I had forgotten how Brazil is beautiful, a clean sea, hot water and fish, really nice.Even better is knowing that YEPS are studying about the Brazil.

I am really nervous and anxious about the trip, never traveled to another country alone, and especially to meet young people from around the world. I really like it!
Today I finished packing my bags! is one wonderful feeling! I can not wait to be with other young people in Switzerland!

We were divided into groups of 4 or 5 people and in these groups we had to create a project! I really liked, it was very good to talk and meet people before the trip, I think it will help a lot!

Is very nice to know that there are many people who are supporting me and trusting me, I hope does not disappoint them!

Is given the start! Selection Camp here we go!

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