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Himalayan Selection Camp Day 7

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Day 7: 8 May, by Iga & Jye

The day started abnormally early due to the five o’clock wake up call of the procession in the streets of Châteaux d’Oex. An early morning run through the village was the start to an exciting day of video editing and photography workshops. Using tips and techniques from Ben and Dimitri we explored the surroundings of the local church in search of landscape photographs. After taking many interesting photos we were then introduced to a computer program which enables the photos taken to be edited to improve the imagines appearance.
Following the photography workshop we were split into our video groups where we used the handy cams to produce our short movies promoting the Pangaea Young Explorers Program. Using tips from “Mooses” video and film techniques workshop on Friday night we worked as groups to film a video. After returning to the Hotel Markus provided an interesting insight into editing our film electronically using Premier Pro.
After a very busy and creative day Michael Scholl gave an informative talk about his work with Sharks in South Africa. Michael made all the Young Explorers aware of the problems facing sharks particularly fining for soup for the Asian communities.

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