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Himalayan Selection Camp Day 6


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Day 6 : 7th May 2010 Written By : Basil & Tiziana

The young explorers woke up at 6.30am today to prepare for our 2nd morning jog. We assumed the run would be similar to the previous one which had a downhill route. However, to our surprise, Martin led us on a uphill terrian. Andy and Bryan from the Mayo Clinic joined us in the morning run too. The temperature was about 4 degrees. The uphill run was really tough as the slopes were really steep.  However, we pushed and encouraged each other to complete the strenous task. We saw goats and cows along the way which made the journey less tiring. Finally, we reached the top and the view was spectacular but we could not stay long to enjoy the amazing scenery as we have to run downhill, back to the hotel to get ready for BREAKFAST !!!

After a hearty breakfast, we split up into our groups. The 1st group continued the fitness test conducted by the Mayo Clinic Team, while the second group had a seminar on First Aid and the dangers of frost bite.

Mayo Clinic Fitness Test :
We did various exercises, which tested us on our strength, flexbility to stamina. The sit-and-reach test tested us on our ability to reach further than our toes when sitting down. The single leg squart, curl ups (sit ups) and push ups tested our strength. We had a fat percantage test being done by squeezing our fats using a caliper ! Another test was to measure the capacity of our lungs. After all these indoor tests, we went out to do a jump and reach test, followed by shuttle run. The finale of the test is the Cooper Test which requires us to run as far as we can in 12 minutes.
Basil : ‘The Cooper Test was the toughest test for me as the atmospheric air is much cooler than what I breathe in Singapore. It was all mental !’

Tiziana : ‘It is very important that we push each other to our limits so that we can achieve more as a team.’
First Aid & Frostbite Seminar :
Martin presented horrendous photos of victims suffering from severe frostbite. There are 4 stages of frostbite.  It starts from mild decolouration and blisters to the final stage of the affected area turning black. We learnt techniques of mitigating frostbite from occuring on us. These techniques include being active, keeping dry and most importantly proper protection. Moving on, the first aid session was crucial in teaching us some innovative methods of making a stretcher using backpacks. After the theory lessons on first aid, we had a mini competition between the 2 groups. The winner has yet to be annouced !

Tiziana : ‘I was surprised how comfortable the makeshift stretcher is, and how easy it is to make one ! The process is very logical.’

Basil : ‘The photos on frostbite were extremely disturbing ! However, it managed to send a powerful message across to the youth explorers on the importance of keeping warm and dry. In Singapore, frostbite is injury that is not talked about much and I am fortunate to be given a proper education on it.’

Katadyn Presentation :
Trix, CEO of Katadyn, presented different products which can be used to produce clean and portable water at an affordable price. Other than producing clean water, Katadyn supplies stoves and gas canisters for outdoor enthusiasts. One of the highlights of the presentation is the magnesium flint fire starter ! Matches and lighters are not needed anymore as this amazing fire starter is effective even in wet and cold conditions. Katadyn is a strong partner of the Pangaea Expedition. It supports projects of young explorers who are keen to reach out to communities who need clean water.

Young explorers are excited to be involved in such projects to provide a helping hand to the less fortunate communities.
Tiziana : ‘ The young explorer can be glad to have such a strong partner which is willing to support fresh water projects around the world.’

Basil : ‘The accessibility of fresh water is unequitable around the world. It is important that companies such as Katadyn has decided to go the extra mile to provide clean water to the communities  at an affordable price.’

Video and Photography Seminar :
After an amazing dinner,  our videographer, Nic (Moose), gave us a short presensation on filming and video production. We were split up into 3 groups to produce a promotional video for the Pangaea Youth Expedition. Even though it was late, we started to brainstorm together to come out with a structure for our videos.

Tiziana : ‘It was a long day with different interesting activities ! I’m looking forward to another fulfilling day with the Mike Horn Team and the young explorers !’

Basil : ‘ It is interesting to co-write a blog entry with Tiziana as we shared various ideas and helped each other to express ourselves ! What I am happy to see today is young explorers like Simon, Florence and Manuel from previous expeditions coming back to Château d’Oex to cheer us on !’


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