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Himalaya Expedition – Day 7

7th of June – Paiyu 3600m: Rest day.
Today we started with a late breakfast at 8am. After breakfast, the Mayo clinic team went through some tests with the Young Explorers and the team. The main goal of these tests was to check the oxygen saturation in the blood and the heart rate while exercising at 3'600m. The physical exercise was a 9 min stepping. As expected, all of us had dropped in oxygen saturation because we are higher in altitude and hence have less oxygen in our blood.

We all did quite well at the tests and there was not great difference in the results amongst us. While some of us were undergoing the physical testing, the others took the most of the sunny weather to clean some clothes and have a fresh shower!

Just before lunch, we were invited to join the ritual of the killing of the goats and yaks in Paiyu. It's also the time they can share the meat for their next day.

After lunch, our mountain guides taught us about how to listen to our body in high altitude and also taught us about how to use a "caisson hyperbar". This looks like a big bag in which you can lay down someone who might feel ill. You can close the bag and thanks to a small pump can put pressure inside. This allows the patient to have a higher pressure than the real pressure so they feel like being a couple of thousand meters below the real altitude.

We finished the day quietly, packing and preparing our bags for tomorrow as it will be a long day. 8 to 9 hours walk are awaiting us until we finally reach the Baltoro galcier.





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